• Lauren Hurst

The Edge of Nowhere

The rush to me is sitting alone, anonymous to the world, ideally on a continent where I don’t know a soul. Oh, and to contradict what I just said, I’m fantastically social. I live in New York City, so these conflicting senses suite me. Welcome to this chaos.

This is my first post on the blog journey and I hope to share in the complications and breakthrough moments of moving about in this world, as seen through my eyes. This blog will serve as a means to share these stories to the world. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed living them.

I believe most of all in the power of travel - to transform, to teach, and to maximize life.

It's taken me years to realize this, but my normal is in motion, and this is okay. I've moved 18 times since I turned eighteen, living across multiple continents and cities. The fact is my heart is made to be on the move. I thrive in the new. For a very long time I wandered what was wrong with me. As I watched peers settle into lives that would be the same for years to come, I envied that they were so content. I'm always pushing for change, whether I mean to not.

From an early age, I knew I was meant to explore this earth. Around age seven, I printed a photo from every country I could find on Encyclopedia Brittanica’s CD ROM and made a boarder around my entire room - filled with tribesmen, vast mountains, and exotic foods. My interest in travel bloomed and by sixteen, I embarked as a student ambassador to Europe. Days at the UN and hiking through the Black Forest pushed me to understand that our world view is small until we get ourselves out of it. I started adulthood in Pesaro, Italy, after graduating high school - where summer led me to understand just how joyous life can be - vivere, right?! Another summer in Italy studying Italian, a semester in Paris trying to be française, and an international field study in China all connected me to the world in new and diverse ways. I worked in Boston in biotech, moved back to Charlotte and worked at a medical startup, and then onwards to New York to work in media - weaving international adventures into work and play as often as possible.

This all leads me to life in New York, which isn’t always easy. It’s a tough place and you have to be ready for what the day will throw at you. Jobs are demanding. The subways is horrendous, but daily routine. A stranger may scream at you. But oh, New York is filled with the living. You see and do more than you thought possible. Friends and connections are quick to come by. No two days are the same. The food is the world’s best (don’t dare argue this with me). Dog parks sit at various corners of the city, and one day I did in fact run into a corgi meet up (and yes, heaven is full of hundreds of corgi butts). It’s the epicenter of things.

And this is where I currently sit - in a light filled apartment in Manhattan on a Saturday in the fall. Leaves are changing. New Yorkers are brunching. Life is buzzing about. I have many things to share with you - adventures on the horizon. In homage to a timeless British band, I’m sitting on the edge of nowhere, and yes, it’s such a beautiful place.

Let's journey onward together, if you dare along with me.