A city that endlessly inspires. 

Ten years ago, I lived and studied in Paris - but hadn't returned in that large lapse of time. This time, armed with a camera, I did my best to capture the spirit of these romantic streets. The Paris Collection contrasts the city's classic je ne sais quoi with the modern vie quotidienne of the streets. 

When startup app Romio wanted to attract key NYC-based influencers, they hosted a brunch at While We We're Young. To photograph this event, I relied heavily on the scrumptious natural light the venue space offered. The photos were used in Romio marketing materials and social posts, and across the handles of the influencers attending. 

A country woven with character. Peru is filled with awe inspiring landscapes and a beautiful cast of natives who welcomed and taught us throughout our journey. Photographing this terrain was one of the greatest experiences I've had as a photographer. I hope you enjoy a collection that drew inspiration from nature in its rawest form.